"Digital Nomad" Reader Submissions|Themes and Methods for Submission Revealed at Once

April 12, 2024


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We sincerely invite you to share your digital nomad stories and methods. Learn about submission methods and themes all at once!

Are you on the digital nomad journey? Are you trying freelancing, remote work, or entrepreneurship? We sincerely invite you to share your experiences and stories to everyone!

I. Submission Themes

Feel free to share under themes such as digital nomadism, remote work, freelancing, entrepreneurship, personal branding, media management, overseas work, etc.:

1. Your Work Experience and Skills

E.g., freelancing techniques, personal branding strategies, overseas job hunting experiences, etc.

2. Introducing Various Digital Tools Beneficial for Work and Life

E.g., effective digital tools for managing remote teams.

3. Methods for Improving Work Efficiency and Time Management

E.g., overcoming procrastination, enhancing efficiency in online meetings, etc.

4. Essential Knowledge on Work Visas, Payments, Cross-Border Financial Flow, Contract Signing, etc.

5. Sharing Experiences of Living in Different Places and Local Customs

E.g., sharing information about local prices, culture, safety, etc.

For more themes and content, please refer to the articles on the Digital Nomad official website.

II. Submission Format

Please send your submissions to digitalnomad@ftpm.com.tw, with the email subject titled "Digital Nomad Reader Submission: Please Fill in Article Title," and provide "Self-Introduction" and "Submission Article."

1. Self-Introduction

To help us understand you better, please provide a self-introduction of about 150 words.

2. Submission Article

  • Word Count: 1000 words.
  • Language: Chinese or English are both acceptable.
  • Submission File: Please provide a Google.doc cloud link with editing permissions enabled.
  • Image Format: If you wish to provide images, please attach them to the email in .jpg format, along with captions and image sources. If there are copyright concerns regarding the images you provide, we will not use them.
  • Contact Information: You can include your blog or social media links at the end of the article. We will create hyperlinks so that readers can get to know you better through these links.

Reader submissions are unpaid, and the Digital Nomad editorial team reserves the right to decide whether to publish them. Titles may be adjusted, and content may be edited, with your consent, before publication.

Due to the high volume of submissions, we will reply to your email within two weeks.

Digital Nomad hopes to be a platform for digital nomads to exchange ideas. Your articles will be featured in Digital Nomad, and we will also promote them through Facebook and Instagram to help you gain visibility and explore more collaboration opportunities. The Digital Nomad team also hopes to use this opportunity to collaborate more deeply with outstanding creators in various aspects.

Welcome to submit and share your journey on the digital nomad path. We look forward to the opportunity to exchange and learn together.

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