This is a knowledge sharing platform specially designed for “those who dream to become digital nomads.”

Digital Nomadism represents a new way of working. By using intellect and technology, people can now complete their work remotely through computers and the internet. This work style may involve collaboration with a single client or handling multiple projects simultaneously. One could even be located anywhere on the planet while serving clients all over the world.

While this work model offers freedom, it also demands knowledge, skills, and strong work discipline. Without colleagues working alongside, it's common to feel isolation and loneliness.

Here, we'll share the latest news and industry trends of digital nomadism; introduce productive tools, work methods, remote meeting, and business skills; and discuss useful know-hows, like work visas, payment collection, international finance, and invoicing. We also cover life in different countries, cultural nuances, travel tips, and personal experiences. Our goal is to help you connect with fellow digital nomads.

Our logo symbolizes a campfire. Nomads gather around a fire after a long day, gazing at the vast sky and discussing the future. Around the fire, they learn from each other and provide companionship, allowing each member to grow and overcome loneliness.

Therefore, we hope the site becomes an oasis in your journey.

Whenever you're tired, confused, or lonely, come here to camp, recharge, and find your tribe, all while gaining the strength to confidently continue your journey!




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