Work Remotely at Sea! Try "Cruise Nomadism" for a New Life

February 20, 2024

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1. Digital nomads share their cruising nomad experiences.
2. Cruise ships address unstable internet issues, hoping to meet the needs of digital nomads.
3. Three things to consider before embarking on a cruise nomad lifestyle.

With the push of modern technology, remote work has become a trend. Many digital nomads, whose work is primarily remote, are constantly searching for places that can inspire creativity and provide a comfortable environment. And now, cruise ships might become a new option for these individuals.

Why might cruise ships become a new choice for digital nomads?

Cruise travel offers many advantages, including a one-stop accommodation, transportation, and dining solution. It also allows you to visit multiple cities or countries in one trip, enjoying everything from beautiful fjords and spectacular volcanic views to charming beaches.

Moreover, cruise ships can reduce the hassle of arriving in new cities. With facilities like gyms, gourmet restaurants, and swimming pools on board, you can visit new cities when the ship docks. You can return to the ship if you can't find a suitable restaurant ashore or wish to exercise. This way, you can enjoy the nomadic lifestyle while benefiting from the comfort and convenience of cruise facilities.

However, the internet is a significant reason why cruise ships have yet to be a choice for digital nomads.

Because mobile phones can't receive signals in the vast sea, far from land-based towers, cruise ships offer paid internet and phone services, but they use satellite signals, which are expensive and sometimes unstable. According to an interview by Business Insider with cloud engineer Ryan Gutridge, who nomads on cruise ships, WiFi quality directly affects work efficiency.

The Italian Costa Cruises' parent company has announced that all its ships have installed Starlink as the onboard WiFi system, which will significantly reduce the problem of unstable signals.

Starlink, a low-orbit satellite system launched by the space services company SpaceX, provides high-speed internet globally, whether on land, mountains or at sea. Starlink satellites orbit the Earth about 300 miles above the surface; this shortened geostationary orbit increases internet speed and reduces latency, effectively meeting the internet needs of digital nomads.

But with hardware issues resolved, what should you consider before starting a cruise nomad lifestyle?

1. Choose the Cruise Line Carefully

According to The New York Times, a Turkish company, Miray Cruises, announced a bold plan in March 2023. They launched a cruise called "Life at Sea," promising to travel worldwide in three years and establish a maritime community. Passengers on this cruise could use the onboard Starlink internet to experience a global digital nomad lifestyle.

However, after the announcement, although half of the cruise's cabins were immediately booked, by December, the owner of Miray Cruises announced in an interview the cancellation of the "Life at Sea" cruise plan due to insufficient funding, preventing them from building the ship as initially claimed. This undoubtedly disappointed those looking forward to the project, with many asking for refunds, which were delayed.

Therefore, if you want to experience cruise nomadism, it's best to research and read reviews about the cruise company before departure to avoid bad experiences.

2. Evaluate Financial Situation

According to Business Insider, Ryan Gutridge mentioned that the introductory ticket price for the cruise is $30,000. Still, he received many discount schemes from the cruise company's membership program, such as consumption credits and free internet. He calculated that his expenses on the ship were almost equal to what he would spend renting an apartment in Florida, including garbage disposal fees.

However, he still prepares an online financial form every year, recording all his expenses to clarify his financial situation.

3. Maintain a Routine

Ryan Gutridge states that working life on the ship requires as much self-discipline as on land. From Monday to Friday, he maintains his routine, works in the morning, eats a healthy diet, avoids sweets, and regularly goes to the gym, limiting alcohol consumption to weekends.

Additionally, some services, such as computer repair, may not be available on the cruise, so it's necessary to identify related sites on land before the ship docks. Making efficient use of the time ashore enhances the nomadic experience.

Cruise nomadism opens a new door for those seeking freedom and adventure. Facing the future, those longing to live and work at sea can look forward to a more convenient and comfortable journey. With each voyage, they leave footprints on the map, exploring and discovering themselves in the vast ocean of life, enjoying every moment.


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