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February 7, 2024

赴東京數位遊牧的住宿預訂新選擇:平假日均一收費!試試日本訂閱制旅宿平台 HafH

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When it comes to digital nomadism, which city comes to your mind first? Many might think of Lisbon, Bali in Indonesia, or Chiang Mai in Thailand. However, according to statistics from Nomad List, in 2023, Tokyo, Japan has surpassed numerous cities worldwide to become the fastest-growing hub for digital nomads. In response to this trend, the Japanese government is also planning to launch a digital nomad visa in March 2024.

Suppose you're planning to experience the digital nomad life in Japan, besides keeping track of visa information, you might want to get acquainted with the subscription-based hotel booking website "HafH", which has seen increasing popularity in Japan recently.

HafH, short for "Home away from Home", is a Japanese subscription-based hotel booking website. Unlike traditional booking methods, where room prices fluctuate significantly based on weekdays, weekends, and seasons, HafH offers users a fixed rate for accommodation every day if they participate in a monthly subscription plan.

By subscribing, users can access a consistent price regardless of the date. They can stay at any of HafH's partner accommodations worldwide. Furthermore, as the subscription months increase, users can attain different levels of VIP status, leading to discounts ranging from 5% to 10% on subsequent bookings.

A stable price helps plan nomadic expenses more accurately and saves costs on specific accommodation options. HafH collaborates with over 2,000 accommodations in more than 30 countries, with the highest concentration in Japan, followed by South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

How Does This Service Work? Who Is It Suitable For?

HafH officially started supporting Traditional Chinese in October 2023, catering to users in Taiwan and the global Chinese-speaking community. The current subscription plan is priced at $49.99 per month (approximately NT$1,558), offering users 200 HafH Coins monthly, which can be used to book accommodations on the website. Additionally, users can purchase extra HafH Coins through their accounts utilizing a credit card.

The cash price for purchasing HafH Coins is: $25 (approximately NT$780) for 100 HafH Coins. The monthly limit for additional HafH Coin purchases is 6,000 (1,000 for the first subscription month).

HafH provides over 120 accommodation options in Tokyo, spanning a wide price range from 75 HafH Coins per night (approximately NT$575) for a youth hostel to over 3,000 HafH Coins per night (approximately NT$23,034) for a luxury hotel.

Comparing the prices on HafH with those displayed on individual accommodation websites, it appears that staying at specific accommodations through HafH is more affordable. When calculated every month, considering the long-term subscription VIP discounts, significant savings can be achieved.

However, it's important to note that some accommodations may be cheaper when booked directly through their official websites or other channels. Therefore, before deciding to use HafH's subscription service, it's recommended to browse their website to confirm if the desired accommodation offers a cost advantage through HafH.

In addition to considering cost-effectiveness, users should be aware that HafH has a monthly limit of 6,000 HafH Coins for additional purchases. Therefore, if you intend to book accommodation for an entire month using HafH, the accommodation cost per night must be restricted to within the range of 200 HafH Coins.

On HafH, you can experience unique and comfortable youth hostels within this price range, providing opportunities to connect with travelers worldwide and expand your network.

Suppose you prefer staying in business hotels and having independent spaces, even though HafH may not cover your entire month's accommodation. In that case, you can try "accumulating points for accommodation."

For example, by saving the HafH Coins received each month with the subscription plan, after three months, not only will you accumulate 600 HafH Coins, but you'll also be eligible for a 5% discount on room rates, allowing you to exchange them for a few nights at a higher-end hotel without additional expenses.

One of the youth hostel options available on HafH: unito CHIYODA. (Photo from HafH official website)

One of the hotel options available on HafH: HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU. (Photo from HafH official website)

Another hotel option available on HafH: HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU. (Photo from HafH official website)

However, the most cost-effective way to use HafH depends on your accommodation needs. For those accustomed to long-term stays within a particular hotel system, accumulating memberships with specific hotel groups or taking advantage of credit card promotions is more economical.

In conclusion, before embarking on your digital nomadic life in Tokyo, consider the above information and evaluate whether HafH's services suit your needs.

For more detailed usage information, such as the platform's mechanism allowing "free cancellation up to the day before" and the option to apply for "membership dormancy" if there's no immediate need for usage, you can visit the FAQ section on the HafH website. Additionally, you can contact them and ask questions through HafH Taiwan's official LINE account or their Instagram.

You Can Also Book Hotels in Taiwan on HafH

Apart from being used to book accommodations during your stay in Japan, when HafH officially started its services for Taiwanese users in October of last year, it also announced partnerships with 150 accommodations in Taiwan.

Unlike the diverse choices available in Japan, the focus in Taiwan initially leans towards collaborations with high-end hotels. Options include Regent Taipei, Palais de Chine Hotel, The Lalu Sun Moon Lake, Eslite Hotel, and Mandarin Oriental Taipei. Additionally, there are more affordable choices like the Just Sleep series, Green World Hotels, and City Suites.

You can also use HafH to stay in their partner accommodations in Taiwan or other countries.


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