Taiwan "Employment Gold Card" for Digital Nomads:Steps on How to Apply for It

January 24, 2024


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Taiwan has always been a favored destination for digital nomads. While a dedicated "Digital Nomad Visa" is not yet available, individuals can still apply for the "Employment Gold Card" to live and work in Taiwan for a period of 1 to 3 years. What are the application requirements and procedures? This article will guide you through the process in one go!

For many digital nomads, Taiwan is an ideal destination with its pleasant climate, friendly people, and delicious cuisine. However, one of the significant concerns for these individuals is obtaining a visa.

Currently, Taiwan does not have a dedicated visa for digital nomads, and many rely on regular stay visas, allowing a maximum stay of only 90 days, which is insufficient for those accustomed to longer stays in one location.

To retain these high-skilled talents, boost tax revenue, and stimulate the consumer market, the Taiwanese government introduced the "Employment Gold Card" in 2018, a card with functions similar to a digital nomad visa.

What is Taiwan's Employment Gold Card?

The Employment Gold Card is valid for 1 to 3 years, depending on the applicant's preference, with the option to reapply upon expiration. All application procedures can be completed online without the need for physical documents or external consultants, private institutions, or companies.

Employment Gold Card Application Requirements

The Employment Gold Card is a document that consolidates work permits, residence visas, foreign resident certificates, and re-entry permits into one, providing eligible foreign talents the flexibility to freely seek employment, work, and change jobs during its validity.

  • Applicants must have a monthly salary of at least NT$160,000, which can be from foreign or domestic income. Relevant proof documents must be provided and reviewed by the Ministry of Labor.

  • Professionals with high skills in 11 specific fields, meeting the respective conditions for each field: TechnologyEconomyEducationCulture and ArtsSportFinanceLawArchitectureNational DefenseDigitalNDC Special Case Review

  • Application fees: Note that application fees differ for those holding U.S. passports, both applying abroad and after entering Taiwan!For U.S. passport holders applying abroad: NT$6,460 for one year, NT$7,460 for two years, NT$8,460 for three years.

For U.S. passport holders applying after entering Taiwan: NT$3,700 for one year, NT$4,700 for two years, NT$5,700 for three years.

For holders of passports from other countries: NT$3,700 for one year, NT$4,700 for two years, NT$5,700 for three years.

Residents of Hong Kong and Macau: NT$3,100 for one to three years.

How to Apply for the Employment Gold Card

1. Register and Fill out the Application Form

First, create an account on the Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform website.

After creating an account, be sure to fill in all required information, using the same format as your passport when entering Taiwan.

Sign up

2. Pay the Application Fee

After completing the application, you will receive an email with a 12-digit application number. Save this number for future inquiries or contacting customer service.

Next, use your credentials to log in again, click on the "Online Payment" tab, and pay the application fee.

Note: The Taiwanese platform does not support China UnionPay cards or American Express cards. Online payments only accept JCB, VISA, and MasterCard credit cards, and no refunds are provided after payment.

Once payment is complete, the case enters the review and verification stage.

3. Review and Verification

The Taiwan Ministry of the Interior's Immigration Agency will review the data you submitted, and the process takes approximately 20 working days. Plan accordingly if applying upon arrival in Taiwan.

After approval, applicants will receive an automated approval notification email. You are required to submit your passport for inspection at the Consular Affairs Bureau or the representative office of the Republic of China (Taiwan) that you selected. Submit the passport along with the passport submission notice received via email.

The verification process takes about one week, after which you will receive an email notifying you that your Gold Card application has been approved.

4. Collect the Gold Card

If applying within Taiwan, download the electronic receipt from the online application platform and bring it, along with your passport, to the service center of the National Immigration Agency for card collection.

For those applying from other countries, enter Taiwan with the "Republic of China Employment Gold Card Overseas Approval Certificate." You can find this certificate in the "Downloads" section of the application platform. Be sure to print this document in color for it to be valid.

Benefits of Applying for the Employment Gold Card

1. Taxation:

Digital nomads in Taiwan without any personal or business interests are exempt from income tax for the first 183 days of stay. For digital nomads whose salary is not from Taiwan, it can be tax-free.

Foreign workers coming to Taiwan for the first time enjoy a direct halving of taxes on amounts exceeding NT$3 million in annual salary for the first five years.

2. Healthcare:

Taiwan's healthcare is affordable and widely accessible, providing a significant advantage for digital nomads planning to temporarily depart from their home country's healthcare system.

Digital nomads residing in Taiwan can join the National Health Insurance after six months of obtaining their resident permit.

However, Employment Gold Card holders employed in Taiwan or in positions with Taiwanese employers and self-employed individuals are exempt from the six-month waiting period and can directly enroll in the National Health Insurance for themselves and their dependents.

In summary, Taiwan's Employment Gold Card partially addresses the absence of a dedicated digital nomad visa. If you meet the criteria, consider embarking on a digital nomadic journey in Taiwan!


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