2024 Rankings: The Best Countries for Digital Nomads - Portugal 6th, Argentina 2nd, Who Takes the Top Spot?

January 5, 2024

2024 年「最適合數位遊牧」國家排名,葡萄牙第六、阿根廷第二,第一名是?

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The trend of "digital nomadism" has become a new way of life and work. VisaGuide.World has identified the top ten countries that are most suitable for digital nomads in 2024. The top five countries include Spain, Argentina, Romania, the United Arab Emirates, and Croatia.

According to Forbes statistics, as of the end of 2022, over 40 countries globally have introduced "digital nomad visas," welcoming digital nomads to visit.

If you aspire to embark on a digital nomad journey, working with a laptop while exploring various corners of the world, and you are unsure about the best destination, VisaGuide.World has evaluated countries based on visa regulations, internet speed, tax systems, cost of living, and tourist popularity, etc.

The top 10 countries globally that are the best for digital nomads in 2024:

  1. Spain
  2. Argentina
  3. Romania
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. Croatia
  6. Portugal
  7. Uruguay
  8. Malta
  9. Norway
  10. Andorra

NO.1 Spain

Spain has consistently been a popular choice for digital nomads. Besides its pleasant weather, fast internet, and lower cost of living compared to other Western European countries, non-EU citizens applying for a digital nomad visa can reside in Spain for one year, potentially bringing their family along under certain conditions. After one year, the visa can be extended up to five years. Digital nomad visa holders also enjoy some tax incentives.


NO.2 Argentina

Located in South America, Argentina is loved by digital nomads for its low cost of living and beautiful scenery. Holding an Argentine digital nomad visa allows for a six-month stay, with the option to extend, and no requirement to pay local income tax.


NO.3 Romania

Romania, situated in the Balkan Peninsula in Europe, allows non-EU citizens to apply for a digital nomad visa, enabling them to live in the country for one year, extendable for another year. With a very low cost of living in European terms and no need to pay local income tax, Romania is a major attraction for digital nomads.


NO.4 United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, located on the Arabian Peninsula and consisting of seven emirates, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Dubai has recently introduced a digital nomad visa. Foreign digital nomads can live in Dubai for one year without having to pay income tax. Exceptional healthcare services and a high standard of living also draw many foreign talents.

United Arab Emirates

NO.5 Croatia

Croatia, situated in Southeastern Europe with its breathtaking Mediterranean landscapes, is a sought-after destination for many digital nomads. Non-EU citizens can apply for a digital nomad visa, allowing them to stay in the country for up to one year, with a low cost of living and no requirement to pay local income tax. If you dream of Mediterranean living, Croatia is undoubtedly an excellent choice.


The sixth to tenth positions, in order, are Portugal, Uruguay, Malta, Norway, and Andorra. If you are interested in information about digital nomadism in these countries, you can visit VisaGuide.World or use the website Nomad List. Nomad List provides information on living costs, climate, network quality, safety, and more for cities worldwide, serving as a reference for choosing your digital nomad destination.


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