South Korea Plans to Introduce "Digital Nomad Visa" in 2024

January 8, 2024

南韓 2024 年擬推出「數位遊牧簽」 遠端工作者能留韓 1 至 2 年

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South Korea is planning to introduce the "Digital Nomad Visa" in 2024, allowing remote workers to stay in the country for one to two years.

In an effort to boost the domestic economy, the government of South Korea has implemented several policies, including granting visa-free entry with the electronic travel authorization (K-ETA) for visitors from countries like Taiwan and Japan.

Additionally, they have announced the launch of the "Digital Nomad Visa" in 2024, which is expected to allow holders to reside in South Korea for one to two years, aiming to attract foreign talents to stay in the country.

South Korea has been a popular choice for digital nomads due to its popular culture, high standard of living, and stable network quality. Cities such as Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island are among the preferred destinations.

Previously, digital nomads seeking to stay in South Korea would often hold a B-1 visa (visa-free) or a C-3 visa (short-term visit), but these options only allowed a 90-day stay, which was inconvenient for those wanting a longer stay.

In recent years, the government of South Korean has introduced working holiday visas, allowing foreigners to work and travel in the country for up to one year. However, this may not fully meet the needs of digital nomads.

The South Korean government has recently announced plans to introduce the Digital Nomad Visa specifically for high-income and high-asset foreign nationals, enabling remote workers to reside in South Korea for one to two years.

Additionally, in response to the global popularity of K-POP and Korean TV and film, South Korea will also launch the K-Culture Training Visa to attract a younger demographic to visit and learn about the local culture.


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