Remote Work in Japan! Japan Plans to Launch the "Digital Nomad Visa'" in March 2024

December 25, 2023

去日本遠端工作!日本 2024 年 4  月計畫推出「數位遊牧簽證」

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Embracing the digital nomad trend, Japan plans to launch a digital nomad visa in March 2024, and has already disclosed some of the eligibility criteria and requirements for application.

With the easing of the pandemic and the depreciation of the yen, many tourists are drawn to Japan for sightseeing, including many digital nomads who work while traveling.

In response to the growing trend of digital nomads, the government of Japan is considering the introduction of a Digital Nomad Visa, which is expected to be implemented as early as the end of March 2024. The aim is to address visa issues for digital nomads and attract more talent to Japan.

According to statistics from the Japan National Tourism Organization, in October of this year, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan exceeded 2.5 million, more than double the pre-pandemic levels in 2019, indicating a gradual return of foreign tourists to Japan's pre-pandemic levels.

Among these visitors, not only are there tourists for leisure purposes, but also many digital nomads making a pilgrimage to Japan.

Unlike typical tourists, digital nomads only need a laptop and a stable internet connection to work remotely while traveling. This group includes individuals with high skills and incomes. Japan's widespread internet access and low crime rates make it an attractive destination for them.

Coupled with the continuous depreciation of the yen, making the cost of living in Japan softer compared to other countries, this has become an essential factor attracting them.

However, Japan has not specifically introduced visas for digital nomads. If digital nomads use a regular tourist visa, the stay is only up to 90 days. Those who wish to reside in Japan for an extended period may need to apply for student or work visas. However, the eligibility criteria for these visas may not necessarily align with the situations of digital nomads.

In response, the government of Japan has announced that, targeting these groups, it will introduce a special visa allowing a maximum stay of up to six months, aiming to attract highly skilled individuals to reside in Japan and stimulate consumption and tourism.

Applicants for the new visa must have an annual income of at least 10 million Japanese yen (approximately 2.13 million NTD), be citizens of one of the 50 countries with visa exemption agreements with Japan, and must also have private health insurance coverage. Spouses and children are also eligible to apply together.

Introducing the Digital Nomad Visa could significantly attract digital nomads to Japan.


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